10 Tips to Keep Your Car Running Right

10 Tips to Keep Your Car Running Right

1. Review the owner’s manual and schedule regular maintenance
2. Change oil evey 3K-5K miles.
3. Change oil and air filtes regularly.
4. Flush your fluids at least once every two years.
5. Check tire air pressure each month and keep tires at the best pressure.
6. Get tires rotated & balanced either 3x per year or once every 6 months.
7. Monitor tire tread and replace tires as needed.
8. Keep a watch on brake pad thickness and replace pads as needed.
9. Keep your front and aligned.
10. Wash your car and keep it clean to avoid costly body damage.


Here are some tips to keep your car running right. What’s on the top of your list? Share with us your thoughts below.

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