Dealer Diagnostic Tools Can Do Key Programming

Key Programming and Immobilizer Programming

Occasionally, a customer just looses a key. More commonly, someone buys a used car, and it only comes with one key. It is highly recommended to have at least 2 keys, and preferable to have a valet key for emergencies as well. also If all keys was lost and there is no key to copy, then a new key come (must be same cpu as the dealer keys). And that new key will require being recoded to the car.

Do you know? All dealer diagnostic tools can do Key Programming (key and remote matching service) more easier and better than any other third-party device! You’re able to perform Key Programming service including add keys, disable keys, unlock used remotes.

Dealer Diagnostic Tools Can Do Key Programming Features:
All perform via OBD Port directly. No need disassembly immobilizer box and soldering chips.
No need PIN Code…All be factory authorized.
Support all models made in the last 15 years. (depending on the software version)
No longer worry about whether your equipment is suitable for this car. Just be sure your new key or remotes be same cpu chip as the factory keys. and never used unauthorized replacement electronic parts before. or it will be blocked as Out of range.

What are dealer diagnostic tools and where to get them?

Some dealer diagnostic tools:

Except must have these professional obd scanners and special software, An ADMIN ACCOUNT to login the ONLINE DEALER SYSTEM is quite indispensable. The ONLINE DEALER SYSTEM is the source of all the special services normally only found at a dealership. Usually the ADMIN ACCOUNT are available at a fraction of the cost at a certified car dealership.

In this case, we developed “UPKEY SERVICE” fully authorized and linked to access the Factory Server via UsbKey. Actually we have successfully and get goodresult from most of our clients.

With UPKEY SERVICE and the FACTORY DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS, You’re able to perform:

Key Programming
Immobilizer Programming
Guided Fault Finding
Guided Function Testing
Control Unit Recoding and Adaptation
Radio Code Retrieval and Installation
Control Unit Software Updates for all ECUs
Consumer Protection Coding on Expensive New Parts



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