Different Way to Make Money with UPKEY ONLINE CODING ACCOUNT

Except for using UPKEY LOGIN on your own car repair shop. Here’s 2 Different Ways to Make Money with UPKEY ONLINE CODING ACCOUNT SERVICE

WAY 1: Take a HD video and share with us to get 10 usd reward

Take video and share it with us, and each video can get a $10 reward
* The content of each video (vehicle information, replacement parts or programming modules, test purposes) must be different.
* Video must be HD AND playback longer than 5 minutes
* Video must show the connection of the device and the vehicle, Video must show operating of how to login with the UPKEY


WAY 2: Provide home service for your friends to earn your fees

* Tell your local friends who own a car repair shop and need online coding account service help
* Provide home service for your friends or other automobile repair shop who in needs
* Get paid for Each successful login, or each vehicle



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