Aeleo C102 Non Magnetic Car Mount Nano Micro Suction Air Vent Phone Holder

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This is a mobile holder for both car dashboard and air vent. Designed with Nano Micro-suction Technology. Strong suction, Anti-Gravity, Non- Magnetic, so it Will not affect the mobile phone signal. and It won’t fall off even on bumpy roads.
Brand: Aeleo
Model: C102
Material: Aerial Aluminum alloy + Silicone
Color: Silver; Black;  Golden; Silver
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Aeleo C102 Non Magnetic Car Mount: Nano Micro Suction Air Vent Phone Holder + Dashboard Phone Stand

  • Universal – This phone bracket also named as a Dashboard Phone Stand and Air Vent Mount. UNIVERSALl FIT FOR ALMOST SMARTPHONES and Ipod – works on all cell phones with Smooth surface, Matting surface, Smooth cambered surface, and Matting cambered surface. As well as Iphone 5s, Iphone 6, Iphone 6 plus, Iphone 7, Iphone 8, Sangsung, HUAWEI, XIAOMI…
  • STRONG SUCTIONS – designed with Nano-Tech micro suction technology, Aeleo car mount bottom can be fixed on car dashboard mounted by 3M glue. Strong suction powerful like the adhesive toe pads of a Gecko. to adhere your phone powerfully and cleanly. Anti-Gravity, So it won’t slipping away or fall off from the suction pad even driving on a bumpy road.
  • NO NEED MAGNET, NON MAGNETIC, NO INTERFERE SIGNALS – This mobile phone car holder no need to paste magnet transparent film. So It can be used for multiple mobile phones. car cradle mount without magnetic attraction, It will not disturb the signal and won’t break the phone.
  • RANDOM INSTALLATION AND PRACTICAL – Anyview, 360°rotation enabled by swivel ball design. Can be installed on any smooth areas according to the line of sight of the car navigation habits, like the left door near vent, center console,dashboard…Also can be used on heavy duty truck.
  • SAFE, FASHION, CONVENIENT- This cell phone stand is a small car dock, No block the view of driver. Easy to use. Press to suck. Side sliding to take off. one-hand for attach/ detach operations.

AELEO Nano Non-Magnetic Mobile Phone Support, The Best Gift for Drivers, including Men and Women!

It’s time to replace your magnetic phone mount to non-magnetic car mounts NOW!

Do you know? It’s unnecessary to put magnets on the phone for a long time, cause some functions would be affected, since the magnetism of the magnet will interfere with the metal elements inside the cell phone, As well as interfere with the compass/nav. 

Safe, no magnets, no damage to your phone
Universal, Easy disassemble, No trace, re-usable.
Material: Aerial Aluminum alloy + Silicone
Color: Silver; Black; Golden;
Features: Nano Micro-suction Technology


Package: 1*Aeleo Non Magnetic Car Mount 

Aeleo Non Magnetic Car Mount use for air vent

Silver AELEO Non Magnetic Car Mount Nano Micro Suction Car Phone Holder  How to Install AELEO C102 Non Magnetic Car Mount Nano Micro Suction Car Phone Holder      How to Install AELEO C102 Non Magnetic Car Mount on Car Dashboard

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