Engine Oil Tester OTO350 Motor Oil Analyzer with LED Display


Engine Oil Analyzer OTO350 is designed to measure the health condition of your oil and engine. The unique sensor can measure the levels of acid and contamination from soot, dust, dirt, wear metals, fuel, water or antifreeze. Only a few drops of oil can instantly tell you the condition of your oil and engine. It works with diesel or gas engine oils.

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Engine Oil Tester OTO350 Motor Oil Analyzer with LED Display

Application:The instrument is designed to test gasoline or diesel engine oil.

An ideal gift. Instantly Know If Your Oil Needs Changing! Completly unique, new, and it works!
The OTO350 tester can pay for itself in just one saved oil change.
Can detect serious engine problems before expensive repairs are needed.
Works on synthetic or standard motor oils. Works with all diesel or gas engines.

Engine Oil Tester OTO350 Features and Specifications:

– Quickly test the performance of gasoline or diesel oil
– Calibration function
– 128*64 LED display with background light
– 3.7V Li rechargeable battery with 1000mAh. Reusable.
– Dimensions:145*85*20mm

Engine Oil Quality Tester OTO350 Operating Instruction

1.  Turn the instrument on.

2.  Select the oil mode by pressing the Up and Down button, and then press the Power/Next button as shown in   Fig.1.

3.  Put 3-5 drops of oil to the bowl of the instrument.

4.  Press the Power button. The result will be shown on the display inapproximately 15 seconds


•    Do not drop oil on the sensor before turning on the unit. Make sure that the sensor and the inner surface of the bowl are clean and dry.

•    Do not test hot oil. For best results, the temperature of the oil sample to be tested should be close to the temperature of the instrument, and both should be between10℃-27℃.

•    Place the instrument on a flat surface when testing.

•    Put 3-5 drops of oil on the sensor until the oil surface reaches the required height.

Explanation for Test Result

0-20%:        New oil / oil newly changed

20%-60%:   Excellent / good oil quality

60%-80%:   Fair oil quality

80%-90%:   Recommend oil change

>90%     :    Recommend immediate oil change / Recommand engine check


OTO350 Maintenance

•    This instrument is designed for indoor use only. Do not use the instrument in rain.

•    Keep the oil bowl and sensor dry and clean. After each time testing, cleaning should be done to the oil bowl and sensor with a clean and dry paper towel.

•    Keep the instrument in its carrying case when not in use and do not subject it to dampness or severe heat or cold.




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