Ford EPC Europe Microcat 2017 Parts Catalog for Car Repair Shop


This software is only compatible with XP /WIN7 – 32-bit systems with at least 2Gb of memory
If you want to know so deep your FORD or Smart you can not stop acquire this software used by brand official workshops.
This new program is more advanced and offers technical descriptions necessary to perform maintenance and repair of all brands European market such vehicles manufactured since 1986 to 2017.

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Ford EPC Europe Microcat 2017 Parts Catalog Service Shop Repair Manual

This parts catalog contains full technical information about original parts and accessories, parts books, parts manuals, service bulletins, complete information on part numbers and images of spare parts for cars and vans Ford, intended for European market.
Electronic catalog includes simple search function that allows user to search spare parts by model, serial number, by name, VIN, etc.
E-program supports multiple languages.

NOTE: Windows 7,8,10 – 64 bit is NOT supported.

Ford EPC Europe Microcat 2017 Model Lists:

ZE Accessories
B-Max (CB2) 2012-
C-Max (CCG) 2015-
C-Max (CEU) 2015_
Cougar (MC) 1998-2000
Ecosport (CBW) 2013-
Ecosport (CR1) 2014-
Escort/Orion (CA) 1981-1986
Escort/Orion (DA) 1986-1990
Escort/Orion (EA) 1990-1995
Escort (FA) 1995-2001
Fiesta 01-08 Fusion (CBK) 2001-2012
Fiesta (AX) 1976-1989
Fiesta (CX) 1989-1996
Fiesta (DX) 1995-2002
Fiesta (CB1) 2008-
Fiesta (CCN) 2013-
Figo (EC) 2011-
Fluids and Maintenance Products (ZF)
Focus 2004-2007 / Focus C-Max 2003-2007 (CAP) 2003-2007
Focus (CAK) 1998-2005
Focus C-Max (CB3) 2007-2011
Focus C-Max (CB7) 2011-
Focus Cabriolet (CA5) 2006-2010
Focus (CB4) 2008-2011
Focus (CB8) 2011-
Focus (CEW) 2014-
Galaxy (VX) 1994-2000
Galaxy (VY) 2000-2006
Granada / Scorpio (CE) 1985-1992
Granada / Scorpio (DE) 1992-1994
KA (CCQ) 1996-2008
KA (CCU) 2008-
Kuga (CBS) 2013-
Kuga (CBV) 2008-2012
Mondeo (CA2) 2007-2014
Mondeo (CNG) 2014-
Mondeo (FD) 1992-1996
Mondeo (GD) 1996-2000
Mondeo (GE) 2000-2007
Mustang (CZG) 2015-
Parts Direct Visual Access (PDV)
Probe (PA) 1992-1997
Puma (CCE) 1997-2001
S-Max / Galaxy 2015-
S-Max / Galaxy (CA1) 2006-
Scorpio (FE) 1994-1998
Sierra (CD) 1982-1986
Sierra (DD) 1987-1993
Street KA (CCS) 2003-2005
TH NK City (CT) 2000-2002
Windstar (WA) 1994-2000

Escape (R3) 2008-
Everest (EP) 2009-
Everest (EU) 2006-2009
Everest / Endeavour (EV) 2003-2006
Explorer (EX) 1992-2000
Explorer (TUB) 2011-
Explorer (TWJ) 2013-
Maverick (LHD) (ML) 1993-1996
Maverick (RHD) (MR) 1993-1996
Maverick (LHD) (NL) 1996-1998
Maverick (RHD) (NR) 1996-1998
Maverick (TM1) 2001-2006
Maverick (TM3) 2002-2006
Maverick (TM7) 2007-
P100 (DP) 1987-1993
Ranger (EQ) 2002-
Ranger (ER) 1998-2003
Ranger (ES) 2009-
Ranger (ET) 2006-2009
Ranger (TKE) 2012-
Transit (CY) 1985-1991
Transit (DY) 1991-1994
Transit (Turkey) (TY) 1992-2000
Transit (EY) 1994-2000
Transit (FY) 2000-2006
Transit (Turkey) (GY) 2001-2006
Transit Connect (TC7) 2002-2013
Transit (TT9) 2006-
Transit (TTG) 2014-
Transit / Tourneo Connect (CHC) 2013-
Transit / Tourneo Courier (C4A) 2014-
Transit / Tourneo Custom (TTF) 2012-

In case of conflicts with other programs in the shell Microcat, delete files “mg16.dll” and “mg32.dll” of windows/system32




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