(5pcs) J518 CPU Chips 1L59W 3L40K 0L01Y for AUDI ESL Lock Repair


J518 CPU Chips Vulnerable Components Replacment for Audi J518 Electric Steering Lock Repair. 1L59W3L40K, 0L01Y available for choose.
The listing price is for 5 pieces AUDI J518 CHIPS. including airmail post shipping free to worldwide.
It’s the most effective way to solve J518 CPU Damage. You can buy new one with same model number as original to replace old.
Before replacement, you need to use chip programmer to read out the data which saved in the old CPU, include flash data and eeprom data.


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J518 CPU Chips is one of easy damaged electronic parts in AUDI J518 ESL Steering Wheel Lock:

QFP-80 Virgin Chips, 5 pcs per lot:

MC9S12DG128CFUE 1L59W,

MC9S12DG128CFU 3L40K, 

MC9S12DG256CFUE OL01Y 0L01Y, 


Why buy J518 CPU Chips

J518 CPU Damage: The most effective way to solve CPU Damage is replacement.You can buy new one with same model number as original to replace old. But you should pay attention to the data in old CPU. Before replacement, you need to use programmer to read and save the data in old CPU,include flash data and eeprom data.Different programmer have different wire connection style.

J518 CPU Chip Model Num: Begin with MC9S12 and end in 1L59W, 3L40K (9S12DG128) and 0L01Y (9S12DG256). Then welding it back on J518,and write the old CPU data in the new CPU. After,assemble it back to car, it ok! No need match the key!


What is J518 Module 

Audi Start Access Authorization J518 Module / Steering Lock, which integrates the immobilizer system function and steering wheel lock mechanism.  The module is a part of vehicle’s steering column.  Module failure is a common problem in Audi 2005-2011 A6/S6 and 2007-2015 Q7 model vehicles.  Failure is typically identified by no response from key in the ignition, or proximity access (Start button).

The AUDI J518 Module (along with the Electronic Ignition Switch) is responsible for key/transponder recognition, unlocking/locking of steering wheel and activating Terminal 15 relay to power all modules in the vehicle.

If there is problem with any of the module components (actuator motor, sensing micro switches, relay, or other electrical components within the PCB, the module will not activate Terminal 15 (ignition on), resulting in no engine start.  The module will typically store the “00288 – Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360) – Defective” fault.

By dealer standard, the module itself isn’t a serviceable item and can’t be purchased separately, which means that the dealer will want to replace the entire steering column along with the Access Start Authorization Module. The dealer MSRP to replace the steering column that integrates module is roughly $1500-1700 (depending on manual or electric height adj) for parts and $500+ labor, including the need for online Immobilizer coding with Audi master servers in Germany.


Package list:

5pcs x J518 CPU Chips (1L59W3L40K, 0L01Y)




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Weight 10 g
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1L59W,  3L40K,  0L01Y


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