OT1800 Engine Ignition Analyzer Ignition System Diagnostic Tool


OT1800 Engine Ignition Analyzer is an Ignition System Diagnostic Tool for Analyze Hidden Defects at the Initial Level.
Testing spark strength in ignition wires on gasoline engine. Quick and easy diagnostics of Engine Non-starts, Misfires, Defective coils, Fouled or damaged spark plugs, Damaged spark plug wires. Fast to diagnose problems. So far has been tested on cars, motorcycles, mowers, weed wackers, and small engines
LCD display is amazingly clear and easy to read.

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OT1800 Engine Ignition Analyzer Designed to Quick and Easy Diagnostics of Ignition System

-Defective coils
-Fouled or damaged spark plugs
-Damaged spark plug wires
A small handheld analyzer like this OT1800 Engine Ignition Analyzer could read and display so many parameters of the ignition status. Just touch the COP with the magic wand and you learn a lot about the firing in that cylinder. It deals with the secondary of the coil mostly but that is enough info to troubleshoot a dead or misfiring cylinder. LCD display is amazingly clear and easy to read. Fast to diagnose problems. So far has been tested on cars, motorcycles, mowers, weed wackers, and small engines
You can use OT1800 at work for testing spark strength in ignition wires on gasoline engine. It is very quick and effective for this task.

For the serious tech, you need this OT1800 Engine Ignition Analyzer in your box

The Engine Ignition Analyzer was created specially to perform quick and reliable diagnostics of non-starts, misfires, fouled up or damaged spark plugs or spark plug wires, by comparing digital read-outs of the spark plug voltage and spark burn time between cylinders on engines using coil on plug, Coil near plug. Conventional distributor/ignition coil, DIS (Distributor-less) or waste spark and magneto technologies.
  • Measures spark peak voltage, for finding primary and secondary coil faults
  • Displays ignition waveforms in real time, allowing for detailed analysis
  • Detects ramp time (or dwell angle), for diagnosis of timing issues and primary coil faults
  • Has chart and comparison functions, allowing the user to find intermittent issues

How to use OT1800 Engine Ignition Analyzer:

1. Select the ignition system to measured (spark plug wire or coil on plug), and the number of cycles.
2. Select the measurement to show in the main display (RPM, spark burn time and spark plug voltage) and secondary display (Minimum and Maximum of the main display or the complementary measurements).
3. Place the antenna’s capacitive pick-up on top of the coil on plug module, or over a spark plug or ignition coil wire, and then read the measurements on the LCD display.
Technological Specifications:
Main display and secondary display
Function indicator
Measurement units indicator
Spark detection indicator
Number of strokes indicator
Ignition system indicator
Low battery indicator
Ignition system comp: 
Coil on plug, coil near plug, DIS, conventional and magneto.
Engine strokes:
2 and 4 strokes and DIS
Electrical Specifications:
Power: 9 Volt battery, (Note: Due to the Embargo rules of air transport, Battery will not including in the package)
Auto POWER OFF: Automatically POWER OFF after 3 min of no operation
Battery life: Approximately 15 hours (w/alkaline battery)
Probe length: 25 CM including capacitive pick-up
Included accessories:
The capacitive pick-up
Padded hard carrying case
User’s manual

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Weight 1500 g


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